Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

With Americans jittery about Ebola and deluged with news that our new war in the Middle East is going nowhere, the White House badly needs a shot of credibility this Sunday morning. Naturally they’re sending out Susan Rice; she’ll be the featured guest on “Meet the Press.” As always, it’s worth watching just to get a head start on whatever administration spin the blogosphere will be debunking this week. Or you could spare yourself the aggravation and watch Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey on “This Week” instead. Dempsey famously hinted last month at possibly sending U.S. combat troops back into Iraq to deal with ISIS at some point. With Kobani set to fall in northern Syria and Baghdad being threatened, we’ll see what his timetable for “at some point” looks like now.

If that doesn’t grab you, Ted Olson and Tony Perkins will appear on “Fox News Sunday” to bicker about gay marriage. And of course there’ll be Ebola-themed coverage across the dial. The full line-up is at the AP.