Man with 42% approval rating: This midterm election is all about my policies

Via the Standard, my mental image of Democratic incumbents and their strategists reacting to this clip is of Toht’s face melting off after the Ark is opened in “Raiders.”

He’s saying this, mind you, on a day when Mitch McConnell’s Democratic opponent in Kentucky refused to answer a question about whether she voted for him in 2012. A study released a few days ago found that barely more than a third of the Democrats running for Congress this year have expressed support for ObamaCare. The GOP made more noise yesterday about the one-year anniversary of the federal O-Care exchange opening for business than the White House did. Meanwhile, on foreign policy, his job approval is a dumpster fire at 37 percent, with multiple polls last month placing him south of 35. So why would he say this? Why invite voters, who are unhappy with him, to make the midterms a referendum on his policies? All I can think is that he figures most voters are going to do that anyway, so he might as well encourage discouraged Democrats to do it too. If you’re excited about the economy and ObamaCare and a minimum wage hike and a jumbo-sized executive order on amnesty sometime later this year, head on out there and show it. Of course, Senate Democrats could make this same argument; instead, they’re giving him the “Barack who?” treatment. Any theories why?

He took a shot at Fox News today too because huffing about liberal hobbyhorses might be another way to evoke some dumb Pavlovian turnout response in lefties. Expect him to start mentioning the Koch brothers more often over the next month.