Video: The belated but obligatory "mutant giant spider dog" clip

To cleanse the palate. Normally I wouldn’t feel late in posting a clip that’s five days old but it turns out pretty much everyone in the world with Internet access has already seen this. No joke: Since Thursday, it’s gotten … 60 million views. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a viral clip going quite so viral. It’s the “Gangnam Style” of creepy pranks involving dogs dressed as giant spiders.

I laughed a little at the elevator scene and a lot at the overpass scene, knowing full well that I would have peed blood if I saw this thing coming at me through the shadows. That’s how all the best scary pranks work, though. The litmus test: As you watch, are you guffawing while also thinking “I might have actually collapsed and died if this happened to me”? If the answer’s yes, then you’re having big fun.