Another eyewitness: Woman comes forward with footage taken immediately after the Michael Brown shooting

Via Mediaite, maybe there’s more out there but this is just the second clip I’ve seen of the crime scene and the first that (allegedly) includes footage of Darren Wilson, the cop who fired the shots that killed Brown. That’s him on the right in the clip below according to the eyewitness, Piaget Crenshaw.

Crenshaw’s account of what happened starts at around 3:00. She’s right in line with the other three eyewitnesses on Brown’s general movements: He ran from Wilson initially, Wilson fired at him, then Brown turned back to face him. Crenshaw thinks the shots fired at Brown while he was running away either missed him entirely or grazed him, which corroborates the autopsy report showing no entry wounds from the back. The truly interesting part here is what she says she saw when Wilson first pulled up alongside Brown and Dorian Johnson. Johnson has claimed that Wilson grabbed Brown from inside the vehicle — specifically, he says, he grabbed Brown’s neck, which would seem hard to do to a man who’s 6’4″ from a sitting position. Crenshaw says she too saw Wilson grab Brown, although she doesn’t say where specifically. Wilson then seemed to get “upset,” says Crenshaw, Brown took off, and Wilson took off after him.

Turns out this isn’t the first interview Crenshaw gave about the shooting, though. The first one happened right after Brown was killed; it’s the second clip below. She seems vaguer in the earlier video about what happened in the first few moments between Brown and Wilson. At around 0:30, she says they had some kind of “interaction” but says she didn’t see any sort of chokehold, as another witness had claimed, because she was getting ready for work. On the other hand, she’s quite clear that she saw Brown with his hands up while he was facing Wilson, after the bullets started flying. She thinks Brown raised his hands before the final two shots, which would mean per the autopsy report that he’d already been hit four times by then. Hmmm.

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