Open thread: Obama to deliver statement at 6:45 ET feigning interest in border crisis

He’s busy with fundraisers today and probably bowling or miniature golf or something, but he’s going to squeeze in a few brief remarks on why he’s not much interested in summarily deporting the hundreds of thousands of illegals who are on their way from Central America.

You ready? The long-awaited tarmac handshake with Perry is already on the books:

He made a gesture of bipartisan comity today too ahead of his visit to the deep red state of Texas, saying of Republicans, “I don’t think they’re all terrible people. I think they love their families.” So we’ve got that going for us. Expect his statement to focus less on security measures to stop the flow of young illegals and more on framing this as a “humanitarian crisis,” an important point to drill into the public when you know you’ll eventually be asking them to accept the fact that most of these kids are now here to stay. Even John McCain knows that.

While we wait, here’s Glenn Beck reiterating his plan to bring supplies to the border for the kids who are coming across. Quote: “The way we will lose is by appearing to be something that we’re not, by appearing to be hateful people that don’t care about children. That’s how we lose.”