Coming soon to "The View": Sarah Palin?

Hard to tell if she’s kidding or not, but it’s interesting that she brought up the vacancies on the “View” panel, not her interviewer.

Any interest in doing a political talk show, either on TV, radio or the Internet?

Maybe. But the politics would have to be interspersed with a whole lot of fun and real life and inspiration showcasing American work ethic, because those topics are all pretty much the antithesis of today’s politics, which I find incorrigibly disastrous! It’d be so much fun to shake it up taking on issues that make audiences objectively consider all sides, and I’d do it with my own real-life groundedness, candor and commonsense that I’m known for. Media needs that today, versus the condescension that oozes from TV and radio. I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.

Hard to argue with this:

Whoopi’s the only mainstay left after Barbara Walters retired and Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy allegedly got fired. Bring in Palin and you solve a bunch of problems — a more ideologically diverse panel, more media attention for a show that’s gotten stale, and a ratings boost as more conservatives start to watch and more liberals start to hate-watch. It’d be a chance for Palin too to show her critics she’s not as scripted as they’re always accusing her of being. Question, though: What would the rest of the panel look like? Lefties will demand bloodsport with Palin there; either it’ll be three against one, with Whoopi joining two other liberals, or they’ll have to do some sort of two versus two “Crossfire” arrangement. Who ends up being the other liberal and other conservative? Don’t necessarily think of women: Per EW, they might be ready to add a male panelist or two. Which is good, because I know just the guy to liven up a show that’s in the doldrums. He’s unemployed, interested in being on TV, has some political experience, and would, I suspect, be thrilled at having a mostly female fan base. It’s time, my friends.

Incidentally, does Palin’s interest in “The View” mean she isn’t interested in Fox News’s new “View”-ish show at noon, “Outnumbered”? I’m imagining a Fox VP reading that Q&A above and wondering why she hasn’t approached them about being a panelist on their network. Maybe she wants a bigger platform and more established brand, or maybe Fox foolishly didn’t approach her about “Outnumbered.” Strange, though.