Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Most pols who’ve just taken an unholy beating in a primary would hide and lick their wounds. Not Eric Cantor. He’ll be on not one but two of the big five this morning (“This Week” and “State of the Union”) to explain what it’s like to be the first sitting majority leader tossed out of office. Expect him to be magnanimous towards Dave Brat and tea partiers: All signs point to him running again for office in Virginia eventually.

Expect lots of chatter about Iraq and ISIS on all five shows too, of course, although 95 percent of it will be variations of “the situation is critical” and “there’s not much we can do.” Your best bet if you don’t want to watch Cantor is “Meet the Press,” where Mitt Romney will be on to drop an I-told-you-so on Obama for his withdrawal from Iraq and to comment on the 2016 Romneymania that’s running wild among his inner circle and virtually no one else. The full line-up is at Politico.