Video: Thad Cochran had no idea that Eric Cantor lost

I don’t know what to tell you here except to repeat a point I made last week, that it’s disgraceful for Mississippi establishmentarians to be pushing this poor guy through one last campaign when he’s clearly exhausted. They were desperate to keep feeding on pork, they saw Chris McDaniel and the tea party as a threat to that, and they knew that their best chance at stopping them was sticking with a state institution like Cochran even though “out of touch” doesn’t begin to capture how remote he is anymore. After watching this, it feels like outright exploitation.

And thus, a question must be asked:

I had the same thought after watching the clip. Listen to the mindless boilerplate he resorts to, about winners and losers, when he’s put on the spot about Cantor. The shock that the political world experienced on Tuesday when news broke that the sitting majority leader had lost is completely absent. Best-case scenario, I think, is that he’s heard of Cantor but has no idea why his defeat was significant. It’s time, Mississippi.

Update: Weirder and weirder: Apparently, Cochran talked about Cantor’s loss on Wednesday, a day before the clip below was recorded. Did he … forget?