Video: Are you ready for the Barack Obama workout?

To cleanse the palate. As a confirmed beta male myself, I’m no position to judge — although the eight thousand “Do you even lift, bro?” jokes on Twitter today did make me giggle. Remember back in the summer of 2008, at the zenith of Obamamania, when a German reporter claimed she watched him curl 32-kilogram, a.k.a. 70-pound, dumbbells? Either that was part of the Hopenchange hype or he’s lost a lot of mass since, so much so that this practically serves as a metaphor for how far he’s fallen. Don’t be too judge-y, though: In his defense, he’s going to be 53 this year and has a job that keeps him pretty busy, what with all the celebrity dinners and golfing and horrendously bad prisoner swaps and all.

Er, was this gym secure while he worked out? A Polish photographer familiar with the hotel’s gym told the Daily Mail that there’s no way to snap photos of it from outside the building. The Secret Service insists that there was no security breach and that people visiting the gym while he was there had the same right to take a picture of him as they would have had if he had booked a table next to them at a restaurant. Really? Not only can’t the president get 30 minutes alone in the gym, but the Secret Service is okay with people whipping out electronic devices and pointing them at him? Huh.

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David Strom 12:31 PM on December 07, 2022