Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

An always somber holiday turns grim this morning as the Sunday shows mark Memorial Day by zeroing in on the VA fiasco. Your best bet is “State of the Union” on CNN, which will have Jeff Miller and Bernie Sanders, the heads of the Veterans’ Affairs Committees in the House and Senate, respectively, on to preview legislative remedies. If you’d rather hear from vets themselves, “This Week” and “Fox News Sunday” will feature leaders from the group Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. (See this poll for a taste of just how skeptical military families are of treatment at VA hospitals these days.) Obvious first question: Mend it or end it? Do we spend a few more decades forcing wounded troops to navigate this red-tape jungle or do we finally voucher this system out?

Beyond that, there’s a trifecta of long-shot 2016 candidates for the GOP nomination on the menu. Jon Huntsman will be on “This Week,” Ben Carson will appear on “Face the Nation” (interesting to see him turning up on broadcast networks lately as he mulls a run), and, most credibly, Mike Pence will drop by “State of the Union.” He’ll be asked about Indiana’s variations on Common Core and ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion; I hope for the sake of his political future that he comes well prepared. The full line-up is at Politico.