Bad news from Paul Ehrlich: We might eventually have to start eating our dead

A tasty leftover from Newsbusters. He’s vague on when, precisely, mass cannibalism will become the last best hope of mankind — we’re headed that way “with ridiculous speed” is all he’ll say — but don’t be too hard on this guy for shying away from concrete predictions. He’s tried that before and it didn’t work out so well, although naturally his most devoted acolytes disagree. In a death match between consciousness-raising and inconvenient facts, you can always count on cognitive dissonance to protect the former. Even when the inconvenient fact in question involves hundreds of millions of deaths that didn’t happen.

Clips like this and the one from earlier this week of a climate-change alarmist calling for skeptical politicians to be locked up are always interesting, though, as psychological curios. Clearly both men believe wholeheartedly that the situations they’re addressing are dire; understandably they want to grab the public’s attention and get people agitating. What’s the best way to do that? With scoffworthy predictions and eyeroll-causing remedies that nonetheless attract an audience or with a more sober approach that’s more likely to be taken seriously but less likely to be noticed? Give Ehrlich credit for consistency: He’s always favored sensationalism.

Exit question: Aren’t we all going to be eating lab-grown burgers in 100 years? Click the image to watch.