Video: Detroit grandma wins shootout with two attackers

Via Bob Owens at Bearing Arms, in a “better world” without concealed carry, they would have robbed her blind and maybe shot her in the face for good measure. Alas, in the fallen world in which we live, she took the chief’s advice and sent them to the hospital.

Would they have fired at her if they hadn’t seen her go for her gun first, though? Yep, she says. No doubt:

“Don’t pull it,” one of the men warned, she told WDIV.

He shot, putting four bullets in the 51-year-old woman, three of them lodging in her side and the other in her free hand.

She answered back with some choice words and a volley of gunfire, putting a bullet in each leg of one of the men…

“This is ludicrous, the way that they are just robbing and trying to take stuff from people, and killing people,” she told WDIV. “He didn’t shoot me because he felt that I was going to shoot him. He didn’t care. He just shot. He didn’t look like, ‘Oh my God I shouldn’t have.’ He just had the devil in him.”

Owens has an interesting analysis of the psychology of a gunfight. What tends to happen, especially once someone’s hit, is that they’ll wilt (sometimes literally) under the pressure and simply quit in order to stop the fight. Ainsworth took four hits and still kept coming. No wonder they call her “Rambo.”

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