Immigration group's video: How would the average American do on the U.S. naturalization test?

Via TheBlaze, watch this and remember that these are the people who decide elections. Not you, not the lefties you see on Twitter breathing into paper bags about Thomas Piketty. It’s these people, the proverbial low-information voters, who somehow can’t identify a guy who’s been vice president for five years now and are still trying to master this whole legislative-executive-judicial thing. They’re the swing voters in 2016. Now try to sleep soundly tonight — if you dare.

But first, explain to me what the point of this is. It can’t be … this, can it?

Tony Hernandez, co-founder of the Immigrant Archive Project, told TheBlaze Monday that his group aimed to debunk the “misconception that it’s relatively easy [for immigrants] to get their citizenship.”

“We came to the understanding that the naturalization test is the easiest hurdle for immigrants,” he said. “And we thought it could shed some light on the experience to quiz Americans.”

This is like asking random men-on-the-street to solve for x in (x + 2)/2 = 5, then pronouncing it a hard problem because 40-50 percent of the people interviewed will inevitably scratch their heads and pronounce themselves stumped. It’s not a hard problem; an intelligent nine-year-old could solve it with an hour of tutoring on algebra. It’s really not a hard problem if you know the question’s coming and have been studying for it using the handy study sheet that the federal government makes publicly available on its naturalization website. The idea here, I suppose, is to show that it’s unfair to require an immigrant to master basic knowledge to gain citizenship that adult Americans aren’t required to know, but (a) the immigrant’s free to forget it the day after the test, just like ol’ Joe Sixpack did in school many years ago, and (b) most Americans are required to know this at some point as kids, not as the price of citizenship but as the price of advancing to the next grade. The real takeaway from the clip, besides the evergreen lesson that Americans are dumb, is that some immigration advocates object to placing even the smallest, most pro forma demands upon aspiring citizens before granting them full privileges. Something to bear in mind as Congress oozes towards compromise on immigration reform.

And no, contra the host here, George Washington didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence.

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