Video: Mentally ill man can't stop talking about the monsters under his bed

Really, really unfortunate to find the Free Beacon exploiting an insane derelict for easy page views. It’s one thing to giggle at the crazy man at the bus stop, it’s another to record him and put it on YouTube. Nor is this the first time they’ve had fun at the expense of someone with obvious brain damage. Just look what they did to poor Al Sharpton.

You’ll be tempted to bail here after 10 seconds thinking you’ve got the point and thus there’s no need to watch it all. Wrong: The point is to watch it all, to absorb the extent of this guy’s demagoguery. You know, one of the theories for why Reid’s babbling about the Kochs every day is that it’s a shot across the bow to other Republican billionaires, to warn them of what’ll happen to them if they start throwing money at libertarian/conservative causes like the Kochs do. Does that make … any sense, though? After watching this, I understand it less than ever. Given the egos that populate America’s donor class, I bet there are people who’d kill for the kind of publicity the Kochs are getting from Reid. They’d have to pay more for personal security since blather like this marginally raises the risk that they’ll be targeted by cranks, but that’s a cost they can bear. Meanwhile, donors who don’t want to be in the limelight for whatever reason can take comfort in the fact that Reid’s helped make the Kochs a lightning rod, drawing lefty attention away from lesser fatcats who can now contribute to righty groups without worry. Just doesn’t add up.