Video: Metaphor of the day

To cleanse the palate, a viral smash via the Blaze that doubles as a metaphor for lefty triumphalism over ObamaCare’s new “enrollment” numbers. They’ve been trying to get past criticism of the law for months; now they’ve finally got the burst of momentum they need to sail by, replete with a ceremonial flipping of the bird at their opponents. It’s open roads and easy riding from here on out. Isn’t it?

Treat this as an open thread if you like. I wanted to do a post on today’s alarming news on U.S. autism rates from the CDC but I know virtually nothing about the condition beyond the fact that no fewer than four people in my smallish circle of friends either have it themselves or have children who do. I figured I’d limit my parade of ignorance to politics and leave the thread on something like this to those who know what they’re talking about. What America really needs to process this sensitive subject is a Voxsplainer; too bad those guys are busy reminding people that the country can always just print a few trillion dollars to solve its problems if need be.

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