Planned Parenthood chief: Life begins when a child is delivered

Via the Corner, be grateful that she’s willing to draw the line at delivery. Some PP officials think a baby’s fair game under certain circumstances even if it’s alive, breathing, and outside the womb.

An excellent point from John McCormack, who has lots of firsthand experience with trying to get abortion warriors to flesh out their positions on camera:

It takes Ramos three tries to get her to come clean. Before that, she actually tries to dodge by dismissing the question of when life begins as somehow peripheral to the conversation. Most of you know what the polling on this issue looks like but here’s your reminder that the head of America’s biggest abortion provider, which purports to represent the mainstream pro-choice movement in America, is apparently wildly out of sync with the public. Most people tolerate the practice during the first trimester and then get gradually queasier the longer the child’s developed.


The same Gallup poll found that 52 percent think abortion should be legal only in certain circumstances and another 18 percent thought it should be illegal only in certain circumstances. All of which explains, of course, why Richards is so reluctant to answer this question directly. She knows where the numbers are and she knows where she is on this issue. Honesty can only hurt the cause.