FLOTUS: America's young knuckleheads need ObamaCare

When I saw the Weekly Standard’s headline, I assumed she meant “knuckleheads” in the sense that they’re less likely to plan for unpleasant contingencies than older people who have more to lose. That’s not really what she’s saying, though; by “knuckleheads,” she seems to mean klutzy or foolhardy. Essentially she’s giving you the “Brosurance” pitch for why young adults should sign up. Why that idea, that twentysomethings eschew health insurance not for rational financial reasons but because they’re too stupid and happy-go-lucky to care for themselves, would appeal to the target audience, I have no idea. But then, that’s what mandates are for.

Never mind that, though. What makes this semi-newsy is that you’re watching the First Lady peddle one of the core lies of ObamaCare, arguably even more significant than “if you like your plan.” We’re forcing young invincibles to sign up, she says, because they’re not invincible. If anything, they’re accident-prone and way, way too risk-seeking. It’s for their own good. Which … is a lie. If you’ve read a single piece on how ObamaCare’s risk pools are supposed to work, you know the truth is just the opposite. The White House and its insurer friends are desperate for young’uns to sign up because they’re less likely to need medical treatment than most of the population. They’re the ones whose expensive new premiums can and will be used to subsidize coverage for people with preexisting conditions rather than to pay for medical care for themselves. It’s not for their own good that they’re being forced to enroll, it’s for the good of some less fortunate class. That’s how welfare programs work. But rather than be honest about that when Fallon asks her why young people should sign up — i.e. “we need to gouge them to pay for the sick” — she falls back on idiocy about drunk millennials falling off of bar stools or whatever. Deeply dishonest, as is par for the course for ObamaCare.

Exit question: How many people are “cooking for the first time” when they’re 26? What?