"House of Cards" star: A "senior person" in the Obama adminstration told me D.C. reporters sleep with their sources

So many awful, awful possible pairings spring to mind. And so you see why I felt obliged to share this tender morsel with you, dear reader. Rule one of blogging: My pain is your pain.

The next time you’re irritated by lefty media bias, remember this and keep it in perspective. Not all of them are hacks who are in the tank for the Democrats. Some of them are just looking to get some.

For instance, she gleaned this little gem from a conversation with an unnamed “senior person” in the Obama administration: Washington reporters sleep with their sources!

During a Q&A in the upcoming issue of Capitol File magazine, a reporter asked whether Wright’s White House source thought the fictional events depicted in the Netflix series were close to the mark.

“Did he think reporters sleeping with sources and members of Congress was factual?” the reporter asked.

“Oh, yeah,” the actress replied. “D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is. It’s more sleazy than Hollywood… how much infidelity goes on.”

Is that true, that D.C. is more adulterous than even Hollywood? Yep, sort of, according to AshleyMadison.com, a dating site for, er, married people. No city produced more sign-ups per capita in 2012 than Washington. Although, to be fair, maybe that’s less a product of Washingtonians being unusually deceitful than a byproduct of the unusual prosperity the city’s enjoyed in the age of Hopenchange. When you’re the only “state” in America whose economic confidence is net positive, you might be more willing to take risks. Whether personally or financially, bailouts aren’t hard to come by there.

Two questions, neither of which are likely to be answered since D.C. reporters of all people have no incentive to follow up on this story. One: How many of these dalliances involve reporters trading sex for access, a la Zoe Barnes on “House of Cards,” and how many are just good ol’ I-dig-you flings? One is obviously less ethical than the other. And two: By “sleeping with” sources, did Wright’s source actually mean “marrying”? Erick Erickson’s had great fun over the years reminding our fair and balanced media how many of them are either related, through blood or marriage, to Obama administration apparatchiks or how many have themselves transitioned from journalism to apparatchik status. That would have been a nifty subplot for “House of Cards,” in fact — have Zoe break up Claire’s marriage to Frank and then replace her as the new Mrs. Underwood. Too bad about the, er, unpleasantness in this season’s opener.