Hillary: I haven't driven a car in 18 years

Less unusual than you think, depending upon where you’re from. My uncle, a lifelong New Yorker, has driven twice in his life, I believe. But Hillary’s not a lifelong New Yorker, and Hillary ain’t taking the bus in lieu of taking the wheel.

It’s odd that a would-be president would mention her nearly 20-year run of being chauffeured around wherever she goes, especially in scripted remarks, but maybe this is what happens when a national candidate starts to think of him- or herself as a sure thing. Why not hand the GOP an easy “supermarket scanner” moment to show she’s out of touch? What are they going to do with it? The scanner thing stuck against Bush 41 (unfairly, as it was based on bad reporting) because it fit the media narrative of an older country-club patrician president not understanding America’s problems the way a younger man from Arkansas who didn’t come from money could. Hillary’s narrative, though, will be First! Woman! President! The car thing will be a curio, easily spun, as Drew says, “as a story about how she has forgone the simple pleasures of life in service to her people.” And if for some reason it does stick, she’ll have Bill out on the trail reassuring the middle class that she’s the real populist in election 2016, no matter how many private-jet miles she’s logged in the past two decades. Maybe this is like Kobe spotting his opponent the “H” in a game of Horse. Just trying to make an easy challenge interesting.

Or maybe she’s just a terrible, terrible retail politician. Turns out she made this little confession today about her disinterest in driving at a convention of … auto dealers.