Video: "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on how ObamaCare hoses young adults

Via Newsbusters and Ace, who’s spot on about what makes this noteworthy. It’s not the novelty of a late-night show goofing on ObamaCare. That’s not novel; Leno does it every day. The novelty lies in a show aimed at younger adults emphasizing that Democratic welfare programs do in fact have winners and losers, and more often than not Kimmel’s audience is on the wrong side. Obscuring the reality of winners and losers was the whole reason for the “if you like your plan” lie and a big part of the reason why Obama tends to decorate his redistribution arguments with references to Warren Buffett and other extreme cases. The success of the liberal agenda depends upon convincing people that someone else will pay for it. The Kimmel skit here strikes at the heart of that.

I’m a fatalist about young voters, though. (It’s a byproduct of eeyorism.) It’s true that ObamaCare’s failures have moved the needle with that group, especially among the post-recession 18-to-24 crowd, but I think there’s a reverse “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” effect among that demographic that keeps them reliably Democratic on election day. If you’re a young adult without a nest egg who’s just starting to pay attention to politics (or not starting to pay attention, as America’s many low-information voters do not), a party pushing a liberal social agenda and promising to fix all manner of social ills by getting Warren Buffett to pay for them must sound super. No surprise that Democrats win the 18-to-29 demographic election in one presidential election after another after another after another after another. Maybe O-Care’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back on generational wealth transfers from young to old — even George Will thinks the program assumes too much about the “mass irrationality” of youth — but I’ll believe it when I see it.