Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

The last Sunday morning of 2013 features the most influential conservative of 2013. Ted Cruz sits down with “This Week” to discuss the upcoming debt-ceiling battle, his take on the two recent NSA rulings, and the Chamber of Commerce’s $50 million effort to make sure that no new Ted Cruzes join the Senate next November. I’m curious to hear his take on surveillance and metadata; he’ll have to start distinguishing his platform from Rand Paul’s if he’s planning to run in 2016 and that’s an obvious place to start.

The rest of the Sunday shows are almost wall-to-wall on the NSA and Snowden too. Michael Hayden is the lead guest on “Face the Nation” and House Intel Committee chair Mike Rogers, a Sunday-show mainstay, will be featured on “Fox News Sunday.” The full line-up is at Politico.