Obama: How terrible of Congress to ruin Christmas by ... causing people to lose their insurance

Via RCP, he’s talking about unemployment insurance, but no matter. When the man’s right, he’s right. What kind of monsters would sandbag an unsuspecting middle class by … taking away their coverage? How are people supposed to pay their bills now? Mom and dad were hoping to have toys under the tree this year and instead all they have is a cancellation notice. How awful.

Am I awake?

Actually, the difference between unemployment insurance and health insurance plans eliminated by ObamaCare is that Congress will, sooner rather than later, restore the former while the middle class is stuck paying higher premiums for “comprehensive” coverage that they don’t want or need forever. It’s not just this Christmas that mom and dad might be a little short. On the contrary, if Obama can’t get all of those disaffected millennials to sign up early next year and keep insurers flush with new revenue, next Christmas could be a lot rougher than this one.

The other big soundbite from today’s speech, by the way, was when he tipped his cap to the Elizabeth Warren fans in the audience by declaring that “government is us,” which I guess means “we” royally farked up Healthcare.gov. Why can’t “we” seem to do anything right anymore, America?

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