Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: I meant what I said -- we're running on ObamaCare next year

Via the Corner, here’s America’s most lifelike talking-points robot doubling down on a promise that seems even more ludicrous now than it did when she first made it three days ago. But listen: For all the laughing you’re about to do at Debbie’s expense, give her a smidgen of credit for remaining a loud-and-proud ObamaCare booster even as dozens of gutless schmucks in her caucus run screaming from the fire they set in 2010. Maybe she doesn’t have a choice — part of being DNC chair means smiling when you chow down on whatever new sh*t sandwich Obama’s just made for you — but it’s a nice change of pace from the “I’m shocked to find gambling going on in here” attitude from other Democrats. Her reward for being a loyal soldier will be a brand new set of talking points soon, likely emphasizing that insurance companies are “extremists” and maybe borderline terrorists for failing to bring back all those canceled plans that ObamaCare all but forced them to cancel.

I told you before that I feel no schadenfreude towards people who’ve had their plans canceled, even if they helped elect this loser in the first place. But that doesn’t mean we can’t gather a big pile of schadenfreude at the political predicament now facing congressional Democrats and make snow angels in it. Jonah Goldberg’s handing you the chalice. Drink deep:

But as a political and ideological matter, this is beyond fantastic. For years we’ve been told that Democrats were more “reality-based,” that “facts have a liberal bias,” in the words of Paul Krugman, and that if they could just have their way, they could fix all of our problems. No one represented this arrogant promise more than Barack Obama himself. But, with an irony so rich it would be made of Corinthian leather if it was a car seat, the only way he could get his signature legislation passed was to baldly and brazenly lie about it, over and over and over again. He created a rhetorical cloud castle where no one would lose his insurance, every family would save thousands of dollars, and millions of the uninsured would suddenly get coverage. Anyone who doubted this was called a fool or a liar, or even a racist. It was, in the parlance of liberalism, a “false choice” to assert that Obamacare couldn’t be a floor wax and a dessert topping.

And all of this — every bit of it — is their own fault. The bedraggled cadres of Obama’s defenders are valiantly trying to blame it all on Republican sabotage: The Obama administration had to keep the whole thing secret for fear of “feeding the opposition,” in the words of a Washington Post reconstruction of the debacle. But when you read the stories, if you replace phrases like “keep the Republicans from finding out” with the more accurate “keep the public from finding out,” you’ll get a better sense of things. The Obama White House, by which I mean the Obama campaign, was desperate to keep voters from grasping the scope of its misinformation campaign until after the election. And then, after the election, it was afraid to let the public know what they’d been misinformed about…

If Obamacare had been a shining success from Day One, do you think the Democrats would be in the mood to share the credit? Then why should Republicans be in more of a mood to share the blame?

The best part of the clip, needless to say, is DWS clinging for dear life to Terry McAuliffe’s win in Virginia even though Cuccinelli (a) was badly outspent, (b) politically damaged by the shutdown, (c) ran a weak campaign by all accounts, (d) had a terrible de facto running mate in the GOP’s choice for lieutenant governor, (e) was expertly demagogued by Dems with “war on women” nonsense, and (e) nearly won the election anyway thanks to the ObamaCare Chernobyl. Good luck in the midterms, Debbie.

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