New Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood duet: "ObamaCare by morning"

Via the WFB. I didn’t realize Paisley is, or was, something of an Obama fan. Maybe he’s joined the ranks of the disenchanted or maybe he simply couldn’t resist a gag he knew would kill with a red-state audience. The biggest laugh: The deer-in-the-headlights look near the end from Taylor Swift, who’s either (a) afraid to show annoyance lest it raise an eyebrow among her country fans, (b) afraid to laugh lest it raise an eyebrow among her pop fans, or (c) deeply confused at what Paisley and Underwood are talking about. Smart money’s on door number three.

While we’re on the subject, I missed this bit from Sebelius’s testimony yesterday. Has the “tech surge” improved the site to the point where users can at least expect “ObamaCare by late evening” now? Maybe not:

For someone who bet so much on a successful “tech surge,” though, Sebelius acknowledged that the rescue effort right now is “not where we need to be.”

Sebelius told Baucus there have been “a couple of hundred functional fixes that have been identified,” and that there has been “priority grouping” for the most important ones — especially the reporting problems that have left insurers unsure whether they’re getting the right information on their new customers. Jeff Zients, the former Obama administration economic adviser who is running the repair operation, has called the list of repairs a “punch list.”

And Sebelius said there has been real progress, especially in making the site run faster and making sure customers are “seeing far fewer error messages and timeouts.” But she hinted she still wasn’t satisfied.

“I would say we’re into the list. We’re not where we need to be. It’s a pretty aggressive schedule to get to the entire punch list,” Sebelius said.

HHS documents released by Issa’s committee show that on September 30, the day before the launch of the biggest government health-care initiative in decades, whose success rests almost entirely on a well-functioning website capable of processing millions of enrollments, was able to handle … 1,100 concurrent users before the site’s response time got “too high.” As a point of comparison, there are nearly 5,000 concurrent users on Hot Air as I’m writing this. Total number of HHS employees fired so far: Zero.

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