Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Shutdown fee-vah on the Sunday shows this morning, and as you might expect, the guest rolls are full of Cruz critics. Bob Corker will headline “Fox News Sunday,” Kelly Ayotte (who reportedly confronted Cruz at a GOP caucus meeting last week) will appear on “Face the Nation,” and ol’ Maverick himself will get the spotlight on the same show to try to outdo his latest magnum opus. Even Senate chaplain Barry Black will be on to beg for divine intercession in ending the stalemate. As for Cruz’s and Mike Lee’s conspicuous omission, is that because they turned down invites to be on or because the shows’ producers decided that an argument for extending the shutdown wouldn’t fit with this week’s “theme”? It can’t be that they were snubbed just because they were on recently; if that were the rule, we wouldn’t have to endure 52 Sundays of McCain each year.

Elsewhere, Newt Gingrich will appear on “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” to argue that the impact of the ’95 shutdown on the GOP has been wildly overstated. Hmmmm. The full line-up is at Politico.