Oh my: CNN looking to dump Piers Morgan?

I think the writing was on the wall when they hired Jake Tapper, as that represented a sharp lurch away from the “trollish wanker” programming strategy that had inexplicably landed Piers in prime time.

On the one hand, it’s just a rumor. On the other hand, if there’s anything that can bring a grumpy, divided conservative America together for some goodwill high-fiving, this is it. Besides, FTVLive has been right before: They claimed back in mid-August that NBC was thinking of pulling the plug on its Hillary miniseries. Yesterday the plug was indeed pulled.

The dilemma now for CNN: How will they find a replacement who’s versatile enough to play pattycake with Hollywood celebs, slobber over Bill Clinton, and use bad facts to exploit mass shootings for the gun-control lobby? The supply of would-be chat-show hosts capable of that must be … inexhaustible.

Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.”

Morgan signed a one year extension to his contract and as time winds down, Zucker is looking for someone to takeover his time slot.

Word is that Zucker really wants Katie Couric in that slot. Couric should be available soon as many expect this is the last year her talk show “Katie” will be on the air…

Word is that CNN could offer Morgan another role at the network, most likely something outside of prime time and likely in the late night hours.

Go figure that Zucker wants someone more likable and bankable than Morgan in the 9 p.m. slot to do battle with rising star Megyn Kelly. I wonder if the clincher came a few weeks ago on the night of the Navy Yard shooting, when CNN actually lost viewers during Morgan’s hour at 9 p.m. before regaining some at 10. You know you’ve got a weak link in the chain when the news delivers his pet issue on a silver platter and people end up tuning out instead of tuning in. Good lord, even Clinton couldn’t resist making fun of his ratings.

Exit question: How did CNN decide that its most plum primetime slot should be given to a guy who’s doubtless annoying even to people back home, without a cultural barrier on top of it to create extra distance? It’d be like the BBC deciding to hand 9 p.m. to Keith Olbermann. While you think about that, here’s a golden memory from August 8th. Consider it “brought,” I guess.

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