Democrats leave committee hearing on Benghazi before victims' families testify

Via Katie Pavlich, I guess we’ve reached the point in the “phony scandal” messaging where they felt a bold signal needed to be sent. Even with Sean Smith’s grieving mother sitting right there at the witness table.

Two Democrats stayed behind to listen, according to Issa. The others were gone.

I’m looking for a comprehensive round-up of today’s hearing for you but the best digest I’ve found so far is the Twitter feed of the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, who presumably has a story in the works about this. For now, though:

The result, of course, was obstruction. Such is the state of the “phony scandal.” Via Mediaite, here’s Pat Smith recounting for the Oversight Committee what Hillary allegedly told her before the memorial service for her son last September. She’s made this accusation before but never in a setting as prominent as this.

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