Video: Anti-war students hound Petraeus on New York streets, screeching "war criminal"

Via Mediaite, not just “war criminal.” One guy calls him a “piece of sh*t,” which is what he gets for 40 years of distinguished service. I’m tempted to say that a spectacle like this discredits the anti-war movement, but … what anti-war movement?

The most amazing thing about this isn’t the disrespect or the ferocity of harassment aimed at a guy who used a lighter touch to turn Iraq towards a comparatively better outcome. It’s the anachronism. When was the last time you saw people like this get quite this nasty with a military figure or politician? I guess, having bottled it up for so long in the name of not causing trouble for Bambi, it was bound to erupt at some point towards a safer target. Time to get Petraeus a security cordon, CUNY.

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