Good news: Four Planned Parenthood clinics getting more than $1 million total to help sell ObamaCare

You’d think, after all The One’s done for them, they’d be willing to push his signature boondoggle gratis. Good lord. It’s not like the abortion business is hurting for revenue.

There’s still time left to comp him. Who knows? If they do him a favor now, maybe he’ll use his lame-duck status to help legalize those “fourth trimester” abortions that some PP employees seem to want.

Three state-based Planned Parenthood affiliates will receive a total of about $655,000 from the federal government to help consumers navigate their insurance options under ObamaCare…

Planned Parenthood affiliates based in Iowa, Montana and New Hampshire received awards to participate in the “navigator” program alongside disease groups, universities and Catholic health agencies…

Organizations on the other side of the ideological spectrum also received grants Thursday.

They included Ascension Health ($202,706 in Alabama and $165,683 in Kansas), the largest Catholic and nonprofit health system, and Catholic Social Services with the Archdiocese of Mobile ($20,750).

Read Ed’s post from Tuesday about the first of the four clinics receiving $375,000 to sell O-Care as “navigators.” They’re supposed to be barred by executive order from receiving funds under the statute, but that only applies to money for performing abortions, not money for general ObamaCare salesmanship. I’m sure that, as always, they’ll be highly scrupulous about segregating the totally fungible cash they’re getting from the federal treasury for its proper purposes.

Speaking of profiting from abortion, enjoy Vogue’s new profile of pro-choice hero Wendy Davis, who, despite her Harvard Law pedigree, years of service in the Texas state senate, and glamorous looks, didn’t land on the national left’s radar until she went to bat against a law that would have stopped people from killing babies late in a pregnancy. Vogue is, after all, a magazine for sophisticates and there’s nothing more sophisticated than that. I’m sure her post-feature electoral success will be every bit as robust as Jon Huntsman’s was.

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