IRS chief: I'd rather keep my current health insurance than move to ObamaCare's exchanges

Alternate headline: “Democratic appointee cuts campaign ad for GOP.”

In fairness, he’s making a simple point. If you like your plan and you can keep your plan — and not everyone can — why wouldn’t you? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Which is fine, but … probably not the message the White House wants coming from top government officials at a moment when they’re desperate to drum up public interest in the exchanges. What this guy “should” have said is, “Yes! I’m excited to explore the exchanges in hopes of getting an even better deal on health insurance than I have now!” Instead: Meh. And this is the guy, mind you, who’s in charge of enforcing compliance with the individual mandate. Memo to the GOP: Why not add a provision to that Cornyn/Johnson proposal to defund the IRS’s ObamaCare office that would dump agency employees onto the exchanges, just like so many private-sector employees? Consider it a “thank you” present for targeting conservative nonprofits. Now the IRS too can experience universal health care in all its glory.

By the way, if I’m not mistaken, the IRS is not part of the current ObamaCare-related clusterfark on the Hill that has congressional staff worried they’ll be dumped on the exchanges with no insurance subsidies from the federal government. That’ll cost them thousands of extra dollars per year, which risks a brain drain among staffers. The One himself has promised to intervene in order to keep those subsidies flowing, and no doubt he will, whether or not he has legal authority to order it. As we know by now, he’s not going to let a technicality like that stop him from Doing Good.