Dem strategist Hilary Rosen: Members of Congress told me they suspected Filthy Filner has been this way all along

An essential follow-up to Monday’s post wondering how many Democrats in Congress knew, or at least suspected, that something was amiss with Mayor Grabass when he was a member of the caucus on the Hill. Answer: More than one. Skip to 5:55 below and listen to Hilary Rosen describe her dinner with unnamed congressional alumni who told her “this guy has kind of been this way all along. That everybody thought that he was a little creepy.” She backpedals to say that no one heard anything about “official sexual harassment,” whatever that means, but people’s antennas were up. Why? It can’t be just because Filner looks like the Joker without make-up. People were hearing things; what were they hearing? When did they first start hearing it? And why didn’t they inquire about it?

I’m giving Tapper a full pass on not following up on this, partly because it was dropped on him at the very end of the segment and partly because he’s more willing than 99 percent of the media to ask questions about things that Democrats would rather have embargoed. (If you doubt that, ask yourself how many cable news programs have even broached the subject of what Dems knew about Filner.) But someone needs to follow up. A congressman possibly engaged in serial sexual harassment is most definitely news, as Bob Packwood could tell you. And a congressman possibly engaged in serial sexual harassment with the knowledge of his caucus is big news. Some journalist somewhere surely cares more about the page views to be reaped in exposing a cover up than protecting Democrats. Who will it be?

Exit question: Why hasn’t Filner been indicted yet by the local D.A. in San Diego? With eight women now accusing him, there’s got to be an assault and/or battery charge in there somewhere.

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