Jake Tapper to Spitzer: You're kind of a sleazy privileged hypocrite, don't you think?

I’m paraphrasing very loosely in the headline, but watch the clip. Tell me if it’s not a fair takeaway. And to think, Spitz is a CNN alum. Yowza.

This isn’t the newsiest thing you’ll watch today but it’s probably the most enjoyable. By the way, contra that eye-popping Quinnipiac poll from last week showing Client Number Nine’s favorables well into positive territory, a new NYT/Siena poll yesterday had him at a flaccid 28/35. That’s the bad news for Spitzer fans. The good news is that he’s still significantly more popular than Anthony Weiner, who checks in at a dismal 22/37. Weiner was also far less popular in the Quinnipiac poll, which continues to amaze me. Is that a simple function of more time having passed since Spitzer’s scandal or is the public really making a moral judgment that a guy tweeting nude pics of himself is worse than a guy breaking a law that he himself signed in order to have sex with prostitutes? Weiner’s supposed to be the better retail politician between the two of them. In that case, why is Spitz more popular (or less unpopular)?