Former NAACP chair: It's legit for the IRS to look at the tea party, "the Taliban wing of American politics"

Via NRO, he concedes that the IRS’s behavior has been “heavy-handed” but I’m not sure why. Can the government’s hand ever really be too heavy when targeting a Taliban-esque movement that’s “admittedly racist”? We use drones to kill people like that in Pakistan, don’t we?

An amazing clip. Not just because of the aggressive smears (even the MSNBC anchor seems slightly taken aback) or because it’s surreal to see a leader of the NAACP, of all organizations, suddenly comfortable with government investigating disfavored groups, but because there’s barely any hedging at all. Typically someone who’s inclined to make excuses for the IRS’s behavior will acknowledge that it was wrong, if only for tactical reasons, and then try to change the subject by finding a different angle to the story — GOP overreach, the “real scandal” spin, etc. Not Bond. He’s playing pure power politics here: The tea party is a menace, therefore they deserve harassment in the form of extra scrutiny by the government. Save fair treatment for groups that deserve it. He’s repulsive, but you’ll rarely see the political id unleashed for this story they way he does it here.