Video: "The World's End" trailer

To cleanse the palate, the third flavor (mint chocolate chip) in the “Cornetto Trilogy.” After “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz,” the Pegg/Frost/Wright team seems incapable of making a bad movie, but we’ll see. They’re being cagey with the plot specifics for this one but it looks to follow the same formula as the others — middle-class Brits find their humdrum existence suddenly interrupted when they’re besieged by homicidal freaks and are forced to rise to the occasion. The one obvious twist is having Pegg, who usually plays the clean-cut earnest hero, as a greasy ne’er-do-well antihero. Like I say, we’ll see.

Combine two ounces of “Children of the Damned,” one ounce of “Doctor Who,” and about 100 beers. Shake well and there you go.

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