Video: MSNBC hosts now asking Democrats for autographs on air

Via the Washington Free Beacon, it used to be that you’d tune into MSNBC to find the host handing a prominent Democrat a check. Now they show restraint, confining themselves to more traditional fanboy behavior. Consider that progress. And look: To repeat a point I’ve made a lot recently, all our side has ever asked of the media, really, is to show its cards. They can call themselves impartial if they act impartial, or they can go on being liberal hacks and cop to it. MSNBC and O’D chose honesty. Wouldn’t you rather watch this guy whitewash yesterday’s Benghazi hearings forthrightly than watch the “objective” LA Times spin the hearings away as some sort of tedious, he-said-she-said battle o’ the partisan talking points?

Speaking of which, take two minutes to read Erik Wemple’s review of what did and didn’t make it into O’Donnell’s Benghazi coverage last night about Hillary Clinton. If you’re a loyal MSNBC viewer who missed Greg Hicks’s testimony as it happened, you’re well informed this morning that the big revelation yesterday wasn’t this but rather … Hicks calling Hillary at 2 a.m. on the night of the attack to brief her about it. See, she is taking the 3 a.m. (well, 2 a.m.) phone call. Oh well. If you insist on getting all of your news from this channel, you deserve your ignorance.