New idea to make "Walking Dead" more watchable: Sub in completely different dialogue

To cleanse the palate, a little TWD fix in lieu of the traditional Monday night grumble thread. Watching it, I had three revelations about the show:

1. The zombies have showed more range than Michonne. Has she had a single scene as affecting as the one where the Governor brushes Penny’s hair? Good lord, writers. The bad-lip-reading guy must have mined dozens of hours of footage looking for Michonne dialogue to overdub and still couldn’t find anything. Let’s do better.

2. Andrea is annoying even when played for laughs.

3. As far as the musical number goes, I’m reminded of what someone once said about why melodrama is superior to realism. If you screw up melodrama, the audience laughs. If you screw up realism, the audience is bored. Think back on season two, during the long, long hours of talking, talking, talking, talking, and ask yourself: How could it have been worse with show tunes involved? What would have been lost if Rick and Shane had broken into a duet of “Having My Baby” about Lori?

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