Great news: At least one Tsarnaev pal arrested today was here illegally

Proof of innocent intent in disposing of Tsarnaev’s “materials”? Just think: This guy was months away from being amnestized by Schumer/McCain/Rubio, and now he’s gone and thrown it all away.


Expect Lindsey Graham to be on TV within the hour arguing simultaneously that (1) no one should use this new revelation to politicize the new immigration bill and (2) this revelation proves that the new immigration bill is urgently needed.

A U.S. government official tells CNN that the three students in law enforcement custody Wednesday are two students from Kazakhstan, Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, and another student, a U.S. citizen. The official says that their case reveals more holes in information sharing

It wasn’t until the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement division heard about the interviews later on Saturday that they realized Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov were not currently of legal immigration status, and ICE officials went to pick them up and detain them.

The first US government official told CNN that at an immigration court hearing this morning, the court learned that Tazhayakov returned to Kazakhstan in December 2012, and his status with U. Mass-Dartmouth was terminated on January 3. Yet somehow he was allowed to return into the U.S. on January 20.

“They shouldn’t have let him in,” the first official told CNN. “Bells should have gone off.”

All we need now is an accounting of their welfare benefits and this’ll be wrapped up in a neat little bow. A key detail, though, per Tapper’s report: Supposedly Tsarnaev asked them to dump the “materials” before his and Tamerlan’s names were released to the public as the prime suspects (but after the photos of them at the marathon had been published). The feds must have something suggesting that they knew they were disposing of criminal evidence, but it’s not clear what that is. One of the things they’ve been looking for at the landfill, allegedly, is Dzhokhar’s PC; maybe they’re inferring that there’s really no innocent explanation for doing a friend a solid when he asks you to throw his computer in the trash right away and no, he won’t be around for awhile to do it himself. Or, maybe, Dzhokhar gave up all of these guys in return for leniency at sentencing. That’s smart, if so. According to a new WaPo poll, fully 70 percent of the public, including a majority of Democrats, wants him to get the needle.


Update: Well, that explains it:

This is interesting too:

Update: Here’s the full complaint. Enjoy the pen, boys. Key bit:


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