"Morning Joe": Even Al Qaeda thinks our background checks system is weak

Via Conn Carroll, I can’t tell if they’re offering this as a cautionary tale, to expose a security vulnerability identified by Al Qaeda before it’s exploited (AQ would never buy guns from the black market), or if it’s more of a shaming thing where gun-rights supporters are supposed to feel guilty because even a degenerate like Adam Gadahn thinks our laws need improving. My sense from the clip is that Scarborough’s thinking along the former lines while Mika, predictably, is thinking along the latter. I did … not anticipate having to fact-check Al Qaeda as part of America’s gun debate — thanks for injecting them into it, BuzzFeed — but Carroll’s right, of course, that this little shpiel is based on a lie. You can’t buy a “fully automatic assault rifle” at a gun show or anywhere else. (In fact, you can’t even buy a legal weapon at a gun show without a background check under current law if you’re buying from a licensed dealer.) I wonder if Gadahn knows that and is lying for propaganda reasons or if, like so many Democratic thought leaders on gun control, he’s an ignorant blowhard who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Same question for Joe and Mika, I guess: Did they neglect to note Gadahn’s lie because they couldn’t spot it or because noting it would reduce the video’s usefulness to The Cause?

Here’s an old list of “advice” from Gadahn on foreign policy in case “Morning Joe” needs some guidance on that subject too. Exit question: If we’re worried about Al Qaeda buying legal guns in the U.S., why aren’t we trying to ban all handguns, or at least all semiautomatics? It’s much easier to conceal a Glock than it is an AR-15. Let’s make things really hard on the terrorists by rolling back the Second Amendment as far as we can.

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