Report: 14 people stabbed on community-college campus?

It’s a gun- and knife-free zone — in theory. Good lord:

One person has been arrested and another is on the run after 14 people were reported stabbed at the CyFair campus of Lone Star College near Houston Tuesday morning, KPRC reports.

In a statement on their website, Lone Star College warned two armed people were on campus, one of whom had been taken into custody while the second remained at large.

Alan Bernstein, with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, confirmed the arrest to the Associated Press but could not say how many people had been injured. Officials have released no further information on the person in custody or what led to the attack, though a report from KHOU-TV said a fight led to the stabbings.


I’m sitting here wondering how any two people can stab 14 others without being overpowered. Here’s how, apparently:

A witness said there were two guys running down the hallway and randomly stabbing students in the Health and Science Center. Other students rushed to help the victims until emergency crews arrived. One was “bleeding profusely,” according to the witness.

Other victims were reportedly attacked in the technology building…

They are searching for at least one other suspect. He is described as a white male with shoulder-length brown hair, dressed in black with a backpack, according to unconfirmed police scanner reports.

That doesn’t sound like a fight, it sounds like the most bizarre Columbine-style pre-planned school attack anyone’s ever seen. At least one student was “bleeding profusely” and others apparently have been airlifted to hospitals. I’m curious to know why the suspects chose knives instead of guns. Here’s a live feed of local coverage below; stand by for updates.

Update: Hold the phone. There’s only one attacker after all. ABC’s affiliate in Houston says, “There had been reports of a second suspect, but HCSO now confirms they believe the suspect acted alone and they are ending the search for any further suspects.” More:


James, a student at the school, told Eyewitness News he helped authorities take one person into custody. He says the suspect, who appeared to be a student, may be hearing impaired, and was armed with a knife similar to an exacto knife, that may be used in animal dissections.

James says he saw the suspect, dressed in black, emerge from the building at a run, and he gave chase. When tackled, the suspect reportedly said, ‘I give up, I give up.’

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