Video: Hollywood remaking "Carrie" for some reason

To cleanse the palate, a depressing reminder that it pays to be derivative. It makes zero creative sense but all the financial sense in the world to remake “Carrie” — possibly every 15 years from now on, to squeeze some easy cash from a new generation of teens who haven’t seen the original and are looking for a scare. Between that audience and the adults who remember DePalma’s film as seminal horror and are curious to see what modern filmmakers have done with it, it’s basically a money tree. But what’s different here? It looks almost like a shot-for-shot remake of the Sissy Spacek version albeit more generic in every way. The only thing about it that might conceivably improve upon the original is Julianne Moore as Carrie’s mother, but Piper Laurie was already fantastic in that role. Who wants to pay 15 bucks to see if Moore can pull off fantastic-plus-one? Lots of people, I guess, or else this wouldn’t have been made.

Note that the trailer runs through the movie’s entire plot, up to and including the pig’s-blood cataclysm. Not even a pretense of suspense about what the audience is in for.