Jake Tapper: Shouldn't Obama and Bloomberg maybe learn the basics about guns before trying to regulate them?

I’m upgrading this from the Greenroom, partly to correct my own oversight. Such is the media’s groupthink on gun control that even minor skepticism of the sort Tapper displays here is news coming from a non-Fox cable outfit. You’ll see gun-rights supporters on CNN and MSNBC as guests, i.e. foils for the host to display his/her moral righteousness, but for the host himself to challenge gun-grabbers on their ignorance is unusual — even though regulation based on ignorance in other contexts is eagerly derided. There are, simply, certain Things That Are Not Said. The most basic fact-checking of a Democratic sacred cow now qualifies as a noteworthy breach of protocol.

Beyond that, I need to ‘fess up: Somehow, I missed the amazing clip here from December of Mike Bloomberg, who’s spending millions of dollars to defeat pols who oppose banning “assault weapons,” demonstrating that he doesn’t have the first farking clue what an “assault weapon” actually does. Apparently even pols who’ve made this their pet cause can’t be bothered to learn the difference between a machine gun and a semiautomatic. At least, that’s the charitable view; it could be that Bloomy, knowing how misleading yet politically valuable the term “assault weapon” is, was deliberately trying to confuse the public here and got caught by ABC’s reporter. Either way, amazing.

One footnote: Tapper forgot Diana DeGette.

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