Dr. Ben Carson: White liberals are the most racist people out there

Via Mediaite and MFP. Between his prayer-breakfast speech, his gay-marriage comments and now this, I wonder how long it’ll be before left-leaning teachers start dropping his story Black History from lesson plans. How does being a world-renowned neurosurgeon qualify you to be a role model when you’re on The Wrong Side of History?

Two clips here, one from last night’s Mark Levin show and the other from NRO of Leo Terrell throwing one of his trademark tantrums at Hannity for “creating a monster” in Ben Carson. For further reading, try this characteristically interesting piece by John McWhorter, who knows how it feels to be sneered at as a black conservative even though he’s a self-described “contrarian Democrat.” McWhorter’s progressive sin is acknowledging that racism isn’t as bad as it used to be; because it isn’t, he argues, people need to cut fellow contrarians like Carson, whose politics might be “unhelpful” to the cause, some slack. After this interview I’m thinking that’s … unlikely.

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