Video: "Victims of Government: Steve's Story"

Via DrewM, a story Kafka didn’t live long enough to write. Just one of many to come, per Ron Johnson’s new Victims of Government Project.

The series will perform oversight of the cost and impact of unnecessary, ineffective, and excessive federal regulations. Johnson also invited anyone who has been dealing with excess regulation to submit their stories on his Senate website.

“The root cause of our economic and fiscal problems is the size, the scope, and the cost of government – all the rules, all the regulations, and all the government intrusion into our lives,” Johnson said. “The Victims of Government series is designed to demonstrate that – in a very personal and powerful way. Over-regulation consumes massive amounts of the people’s money, too often lacks common sense, has no heart, costs jobs and economic growth.”

The good news? Johnson’s drawing needed attention to a series of injustices. The bad news? If he’s intent on sticking with this once ObamaCare gets rolling, he’ll have to quit the Senate to handle the volume of complaints.

Skip the obvious question of why no Republican’s thought to do something like this before and ask a narrower question: Why has no Republican thought to do something like this specifically vis-a-vis gun control? There are entire television programs devoted to telling the stories of victims of gun-related crime airing on cable news every night. Meanwhile, to catch a story about crimes being thwarted by gun owners, you’re stuck relying on some enterprising gun-rights supporter to record his local news, upload the clip to YouTube, and then take the time to send it around to conservative media in hopes that it gets picked up. Obama’s media shop has been known to release vids of angelic waifs begging him, please, to ban the guns already. Unless I missed it, there’s been no GOP video about these kids. Mystifying.

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