Good news: "Walking Dead" devotes full hour of screen time to its two most unlikable characters

Time for the weekly grumble thread. Just the other day I was thinking, “You know what would really perk this show up? An entire episode devoted to its most annoying, chronically boring character, who hasn’t done a single interesting thing since season one. The writers need to kill a few hours anyway while we’re waiting for the big finale between Rick’s gang and Woodbury. Here’s their chance to have Andrea finally figure out that the Governor’s a sadistic megalomaniac, just like the rest of the world did 20 episodes ago.” And then, as if by magic, there it was last night — the show that I’d dreamed of, essentially “Sleeping With the Enemy” with some zombies tossed in. My only regret is that there weren’t a few more scenes of Michonne silently glowering at people, which never gets old. We’ll have to make do with just that one by the campfire.

The big chase scene in the warehouse was fine, but let’s face it, no one watching it seriously believed the Governor would be eaten. That might have happened in a show about the zombie apocalypse, where life ends brutally and unpredictably even for the most significant characters, but that’s not what this show is about. This is a show about the survivalist soap opera among Rick and the gang with zombies as backdrop. And since the soap opera requires a Final Conflict with the Governor, that’s what we’ll get. Exit question: Why didn’t the Governor just stab Andrea on the ground outside the prison and leave her for dead? Dragging her back to the prison and putting her in the dungeon reminded me of Scott begging Dr. Evil to just shoot Austin Powers already instead of designing some incredibly elaborate, ultimately escapable torture device for him. Coming next week: To save the prison, Rick must battle the Governor’s tank of sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads.