Chris Matthews: Ron Johnson certainly did give a "pissant performance" in questioning Hillary today

Via Newsbusters, here’s the media bookend to Terry Moran’s snotty tweet this morning questioning Rand Paul’s foreign-policy credentials after he had the audacity to criticize Her Majesty. It’s one thing for Matthews to coo over the Clintons, a role to which he’s well accustomed, it’s another to do it in lieu of demanding a straight answer to a question about a national-security debacle which even big-media reporters acknowledge was highly relevant. He goes so far as to question the legitimacy of Johnson’s election because it occurred during a midterm, even though Johnson got hundreds of thousands more votes in 2010 than Russ Feingold did when he won a midterm election in 1998. Actual quote: “That guy doesn’t represent anybody.” He doesn’t represent anybody when he’s … asking the secretary of state to explain why the White House’s original story about what caused a terror attack suspiciously changed? By “anybody,” does he mean “anybody who works for MSNBC”?

Sit through to the end or you’ll miss him equating aggressive interrogation of a public servant about a foreign-policy fiasco with living in a cave.