Just a reminder: Obama's still lying about his position on gay marriage

Actually, this is a reminder to me too. I meant to congratulate The One yesterday on having the sheer balls to lecture America on equality for gay couples after he lied and lied and lied for years, pretending that he opposed gay marriage for no grander reason than that doing so might help him in purple states. Even the media, which has been willing to spread his disinformation with an eye to getting him reelected, couldn’t quite let him slide on that before his cynical nationally-televised “evolution” last spring. You’d think that his second inaugural, where he finally emerged from the fake-pragmatist cocoon as a leftist butterfly, would have been a fine occasion for him to admit that he’d love to impose gay marriage on all 50 states. After all, if your local legislature isn’t qualified to decide which guns should be legal, why should it decide which marriages are?

And yet, if you take O seriously, he thinks that should be decided locally — even now, after yesterday’s soaring inaugural pander. He has no choice: There are too many vulnerable red-state Democrats in the Senate for him to inch out on the limb much further on gay rights before a big national audience, so for the moment, almost uniquely in his approach to domestic policy, he’s a federalist on this issue. To believe he’s on the level, you need to believe that Obama would greet a Supreme Court decision extending marriage rights to gays under the Equal Protection Clause as something to be lamented rather than an occasion for leaping high fives all around in the West Wing. No one — no one — believes that. Not even the media.

Click the image below to watch. Exit quotation via Mark Hemingway: