Ed Schultz: Gun laws apparently don't even exist in Chicago

Via the Right Scoop and Newsbusters, gun-control fans can be notoriously ignorant about the subject — ask them to define “assault weapon” or explain what “semiautomatic” means — but I’m tempted to give Schultz the benefit of the doubt here just because I can’t believe his ideological blind spot could be quite this large. Even if you didn’t know the law in Chicago offhand, couldn’t you guess what it is based on the fact that the city’s been governed by Democrats since forever? And if you couldn’t deduce it, wouldn’t you at some point at least have stumbled across news about the landmark federal court rulings on the Second Amendment that have originated in Chicago over the past three years? Pro tip: There’s a reason constitutional challenges to gun laws tend to come out of deep blue jurisdictions like Chi-town and D.C. rather than, say, Tennessee.

So I’m thinking, maybe he was just being sarcastic? I.e. he’s saying gun laws “apparently don’t even exist in Chicago” because he thinks the cops have done such a terrible job enforcing them and getting guns off the street? He can’t possibly have meant it the way this sounds. Dude?