Video: The freaky quintuple deaky Brazilian corpse prank

To cleanse the palate, and not to be confused with the freaky quintuple deaky Brazilian ghost prank, an entertaining new chapter of people being terrified out of their minds for lulz. This one’s more interesting psychologically to me than the earlier clip because it’s both more and less absurd, yet it still works like gangbusters. Less absurd because the corpse tumbling out of a coffin is just plausible enough to be viscerally frightening; more absurd because the bit where it “reanimates” looks completely ridiculous … and yet these people are on the brink of wetting themselves as it happens. I guess once someone is well and truly freaked out, there’s no sober assessment to be had until they’re out of the danger zone. In particular, watch the boy react. He never makes a sound; in fact, at first, he looks like he’s going to go full alpha and take the whole thing in stride. Then his right arm starts twitching, and suddenly he’s literally prying the doors apart to get out of there. The “corpse” could have started tap-dancing and the poor kid would probably be slamming himself against the wall to try to get away. Are you not entertained?

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