Bad news: Plurality of Americans believe Santa's a Democrat

C’mon now. In the great scheme of “makers” and “takers,” is there any purer “maker” than Santa?

Besides, when it comes to correlations between political affiliation and private charity, there’s an obvious way to bet here. And it ain’t on “Democrat.”

PPP’s new holiday season poll sees voters in giving moods towards both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – voters believe both men will be receiving presents from Santa this holiday season rather than a lump of coal, with Romney perhaps getting some sympathy presents. Voters say Romney will get presents by a 63/37 margin compared to 51/49 for Obama. Some other findings:

– 44% of respondents said Santa was a Democrat while 28% say he is a Republican…

– A majority of voters (52/45) said they believe in Santa Claus. 80% said they were on Santa’s “Nice” list to just 11% who said they were on his “Naughty” list…

– When asked, “If Grandma got run over by a reindeer, would you press charges against Santa?” 61% would not press charges, to 24% who would. 33% of Democrats would press charges compared to 19% of Republicans.

I’m intrigued by the fact that more people thought Romney would end up on the “nice” list than Obama. Presumably that’s just residual sympathy for an election loser, but it’s hard to square with the conventional wisdom that O won largely by caricaturing Mitt as a scheming, tax-dodging, outsourcing plutocrat.

As for Santa, depressing numbers:

Two possibilities. One: People are looking past the myth to the reality of wealth redistribution from mom and dad to junior. The Christmas shopping season may be a glorious testament to free markets but Christmas morning is pure communism, my friends. Two: A lot of people out there think they’re getting “gifts” from Democrats without realizing who paid for them. And of course, that’s a falsehood that Democrats are happy to encourage, until the day finally comes when they’re forced to tell the middle class that, alas, the rich can’t support the welfare state on their own. Behold the Christmas ad produced five years ago by the likely 2016 Democratic nominee. Aren’t you grateful for her “generosity”?

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