Video: On second thought, maybe that Disney/Lucasfilm deal wasn't such a hot idea

To cleanse the palate. I spent a whole post yesterday encouraging you to be optimistic and not assume that Disney taking over “Star Wars” would mean they’ll double down on the kitsch. Then I saw the new video from Disney Parks. Consider this a formal retraction.

Actually, reading this AP story, it occurs to me that maybe we don’t want Disney to be hands off with the “Star Wars” franchise. People keep patting them on the back for not messing around much with Marvel, but “Star Wars” does need some messing with. Rule one: Read my lips — no new Jar Jars. Rule two: Story, story, story. Disney CEO Robert Iger told investors yesterday that they already have a “lengthy treatment that we feel really good about”; I sure hope he’s not referring to the treatment written by you know who.

Two clips for you, one the Disney Parks schlock, the other via Josh Trevino of something filmed at one of the theme parks last year that looks like the makings of a number for the now inevitable sequel to the “Star Wars Christmas Special.”

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